Naturalist Guide

Private Boat Trips

Let’s take a boat ride and learn about some factors that contribute to the health and beauty of our ecosystem.

If you have a small group (max 4) we can go out on my 20′ Boston Whaler from the yacht basin.

If you have a boat, I’d be happy to pack up my nerdy gear and join your group on your boat.

If you are traveling with a larger group I can contract out a larger vessel to accommodate groups up to 45 people.

We will enjoy just cruising, keeping an eye out for dolphins and pretty birds, taking time to talk about your experiences and how they relate to Gulf Coast marine science. We will collect water samples and test for pH, salinity and temperature. We will scope tiny marine life called plankton through a digital microscope that magnifies these microscopic invertebrates, baby fish, and plant life that create the foundation of our food chain.


Do you love walking the beach but feel perplexed or curious about some of the items you find. I love walking the shores with people who love learning about the interesting evidence of life and observing live creatures found at the shore. We can tailor your beach exploration to the ages of your group. We can dig up small invertebrate gastropods and bivalves to inspect with the little ones, or troll the plankton net and ID phytoplankton and zooplankton. We will talk about beach safety, coastal processes and all evident life we observe. Optional paddling activity available.


Depending on the weather, we can meet at the beach or paddle the bay from the Galveston Island State Park. We will see plenty of birds and maybe some dolphins as we tone our muscles above the water. Kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and surfboards (beach only) are available. Optional Marine Science Overview available.

Galveston Bay

A beautiful sanctuary full of elegant birds, well-adapted plants and animals from the tiniest invertebrate to larger mammals and reptiles. The Galveston Bay is an important natural and societal resource. We will talk about the importance of wetlands, and test the waters within them. My favorite access point is Galveston Island State Park which provides ample walkways above the waters and up to observation decks for beautiful 360* views. Optional paddling and/or yoga activities available.

Moody Gardens Aquarium

Our local aquarium is full of wonder. Although you can totally enjoy an outing on your own, I bet that having a knowledgeable and private guide for your trip will wholly enhance your experience. Informational placards are present and employees and volunteers man the jellyfish tank and the touch tank, we will share many interesting facts about each tanks’ inhabitants and assist in finding camouflaged animals.