From Six Solo Weeks in Spain

It was in a National Geographic Explorer magazine on a plane to Spain in 2012 that I saw my first advertisement for Airbnb. I had only reserved a hotel for my first night in Madrid. That night I booked my train to Barcelona and my first of many Airbnb nights. 

I spent six weeks in 17 different cities, 28 different beds. I didn’t feel alone on my journey to explore history. I found that looking into a whale’s eye isn’t the only way to simultaneously feel small and fearless. 

My whole working life has been successful because I’ve thrived by effectively sharing my passion and findings. My friends know me as a problem solver, negotiator and mentor. Perhaps people feel like they can tell me anything because I am a genuine and open person.

I am a pro-packer, seeker of worse case scenario solutions, and teacher of what it means to travel and explore new places. 

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