How, Why, and When to Hire a Travel Planner?

It has been decided – you need a trip, stat. Whether you are looking for a solo adventure, inviting your crazy mix of girlfriends, hanging with the family, or taking a romantic getaway we will take the stress out of the equation, and ensure your adventure is a success. Instead of letting your OCD, on the verge of bossy, _________ (sister-in-law/best friend/niece/uncle) plan the entire trip and lead it like a drill sergeant, let us be the director of your adventure. After our initial conversation which will provide the broad outline of your trip, a questionnaire will be sent to each member of the group. Itinerary options will then be presented to the group and once agreement has been achieved we will weave together all aspects in a clear and descriptive manner – including a sample packing list. We will be here to answer all questions leading up to the trip and if something goes awry while you are traveling we will help in any way we can. This service is not for everyone. If your idea of a coastal vacation is complete with eating at chain restaurants, lugging your cooler across the seawall to a pair of rented chairs, listening to Jimmy Buffet while getting wasted with a bunch of tourists – this site may not be for you. But if you are not satisfied with this level of travel, please read on and contact me today. 

In this highly informative article “When to Hire a Travel Agent to Plan Your Trip” in Kiplinger they referenced travel agents, I am not a travel agent. I am a traveller who loves to share the soul of places with curious people. People who want to travel like a local. They also referenced a site called Travel Sense, but I couldn’t help but notice they advertised a couple fancy hotels near Cancun, but had no destination marked Mexico – I clicked on Central America, and there they were, two soulless hotels on Riviera Maya, Mexico, North America. (mic drop)

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