Snorkel Baja

Either you feel like a little mermaid or a fish out of water, too many people leave a place without experiencing the dual reality of the underwater world. Our snorkeling trips will give advanced snorkelers the freedom to explore as they wish and the inexperienced snorkelers the support to make them comfortable in this other world. Take a break from you typical concerns as your worries melt into the lively sea surrounding you. Watch parrot fish munch on the available corals and algae as they produce sand in front of your very eyes. Lift up a small rock and watch as the smaller fish gather, swim up to a damsel fish to see their territorial dance, and stroke a sea cucumber to see it start moving. Of course you can dive, but with such accessible treasures only using your mask and fins, why bother!


Here you can snorkel from above the water- the fish come so close to the surface and are so brilliantly colored that a passing kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or skiff shows off their splendor! The best snorkeling conditions are between September and December. During late summer and fall the Sea of Cortez warms to a delightfully warm temperature that allows you to comfortably snorkel without a wetsuit. Small groups of whale sharks have been known to visit Espiritu Santo and the Bay of La Paz in the fall and late spring. Springtime waters are filled with life, but you will need a 3.2 wetsuit to protect you from the chilly water. The best part of a spring trip is the chance to see some whales from above the water, but the snorkeling is still delightful. The Sea of Cortez shares their approximately 900 species with both Mexico and Central America. On Isla Espiritu Santo alone, you may find 333 species of fish, of which 86 are endemic. 10 different puffers, 55 kinds of gobies, 30 blennys, 16 wrasses, 13 damselfish, 38 seabasses and groupers, 15 scorpionfish and 16 types of moray eels. One of the favorite snorkel spots is Los Islotes, a sea lion colony. Sea Lions- Zalophus californianus are in the Pinnipedia family with seals and otters, but they have external ears and long front flippers. They inhabit this ideal rock outcropping to mate and thrive on the multitude of fish that are protected from any sort of fishing activities. Imagine your day consisting of a hike or kayak then a later, a snorkel with the sea lions! You will not believe how graceful in the water these playful pups are! The rookery is filled with 300-400 sea lions all making their presence known, either vocally or physically. Number one piece of advice here-WATCH OUT- IT IS DIFFICULT TO SNORKEL WHILE GIGGLING!! The magic of Los Islotes is enhanced by the tropical fish and the little cave of invertebrates you can swim through, only if conditions are peaceful. Los Islotes forms the northern-most tip of Isla Espiritu Santo and is subjected to extreme currents and tides, our experienced captains and guides will ensure your pleasure and safety!

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