Kayak Baja


Kayaking is one of our favorite activities. How else can you pretend that you are seeing the same sights as ancient peoples than to be gliding upon the water silently with only the propulsion of a paddle. To some, the ideas conjured bring about helmets and whirly pools of rapids, we are talking about sea kayaking here – instead of a river, we navigate shorelines, mangroves, islands, and occasionally a bit of surf.


Baja’s Sea of Cortez provides some breathtakingly beautiful kayaking opportunities. The fall brings warmer water temps, days with 100 foot underwater visibility, pleasant ambient temps, and the leftovers of the rainy season, which awaken every desert inhabitant. The spring time has a bit cooler water and ambient temperatures, and affords the chance whale encounter. How cool is it to be paddling along and see breaching humpbacks in the distance. Paddle pristine waters comfortably and at your own pace. Investigate geologic relics enter snazzy caves, and pass through arches. Take a day paddle to an awesome snorkel spot and have your delicious lunch delivered to you on an isolated beach. Paddle out to see the dive-bombing pelicans go for their catch. The best part of paddling is the peace and quiet which allows you to completely forget about typical concerns. Navigate your own your path, focus on your breathe, try to identify which tropical fish are swimming so close to the surface and lose yourself in the adventure! If you are a hard core paddler consider joining an Espiritu Santo circumnavigation, or even a paddle between La Paz and Loreto!

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