Join us as we team up with Texas SCUBA Adventures, Galveston’s only local dive shop, to unite the passion of fishermen and divers into a full day adventure off the Texas coast. Depending upon the weather and season, we can go as close as 9 mile rigs to immerse ourselves under the surface and explore the rig structures that are covered in plants and animals with a multitude of reef fish swirling about. Upon surfacing, drop your hooks in the water in hopes of snagging some delicious red snapper, grouper, ling, triple tail, amber jack and more! Go for a second dive, or head back in, trolling all the while.

A little farther out, you can dive platforms and shipwrecks depending upon your skill/training level.

The ultimate trip is to the Flower Gardens Banks National Marine Sanctuary! This will be an overnight trip, waking to dive the banks. We will likely get two dives down before we head back in. Please call us for pricing, (832) 492-0773.

Boat holds 6 guests comfortably both above and below deck in the climate controlled cabin with freshwater head, and galley with spots for 5 to rest easy.