Concierge of Coastal Dreams

For those who thrive on saltwater

let our network navigate your life’s best adventures.


As a scientist I learned how to connect seemingly unrelated details and investigate thoroughly. The hospitality industry taught me how to connect with people of all backgrounds. As an outdoor marine science teacher I thrived on the moment when a kid connects what they have learned in class to what they physically experience in the field. I never thought that my years as a Naturalist Guide and Custom Trip Planner in Southern Baja could have prepared me to be a good realtor, but both require you to prepare for the trip, know the desired results from the client, be knowledgeable of my products, have contingency plans, foresee possible hazards, communicate clearly and always keep the best interests of the clients, their safety, and happiness paramount.

Avoid the chaos, embrace the place.

Adventure Concierge

Want an epic vacation or celebration but feel lost on where to start? My experience guiding and creating eco-adventures in the remote UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Southern Baja has prepared me to anticipate needs, plan for the worst, and work tirelessly to ensure each adventure is a success. Let me put my network to work for you.

It’s not just a house, it is a lifestyle.

Property Consultant

As a Realtor and a graduate of Ocean and Coastal Resources from Texas A&M I am prepared to help you with every aspect of coastal home ownership. Buying a home on the coast can be a complicated process for those who have only purchased in the city. I will research potential homes from every critical angle on your behalf to protect your interests.

Giving your dreams wings.

Marketing Consultant

Living by the coast inspires children and adults in unique ways. Let us help you launch your dream business. In addition to creation of websites, graphics, and promotional material, we will introduce you to the network that will make your business thrive. Don’t let initial barriers to a new market stifle your dream.